“Art is my prime activity, painting is my obsession and love of my life."

Geeta Taneja

Geeta is a Distinguished Artist of 2020 from the city of Cupertino, recognized by her self-representing, contemporary and impressionist art style. She was born and educated in India. She graduated in Masters of Art (Sociology) and Bachelor of Education. During her course of formal education, she also took in training for five years with renowned Indian artist Rameshwar Broota at Triveni Kala Sangam Institute in Delhi.

Geeta has traveled very widely. Since 1997 she has been living and traveling out of India with her husband. She left India in 1997 and lived in Estonia, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Bosnia and now spends most of her time between India, Singapore, and the United States. Traveling and living in different countries opened her vision and understanding of
art. She appreciated the diversity and uniqueness of art in different cultures across European countries and is reflected in her paintings apart from a great touch of Indian culture.


She had her first individual exhibition in June 2011 at Zenica, Bosnia. She has participated in many exhibitions and art colonies in Europe. At present she regularly participates in exhibitions in Bay Area, California and has won well deserved awards. She is a regular contributor of her artworks for charitable causes. She uses oil and acrylic paints, loves to do textured art with a pallet knife on canvas. She also does watercolor paintings on paper. She expresses herself through paintings by using vibrant colors and texture. Paintings are enriched with a variety of themes including landscapes, portraits, flowers, Hindu Gods and abstract forms.


Before becoming a full-time freelance artist, she also worked as a professional school teacher (the profession she also loved). During that period, she also painted and designed many stage backdrops, magazine covers, murals and signboards for schools. She has authored a book “EASY GOING AND INTERESTING WORLD HISTORY“.​